Club Arduino


Q: What is Club Arduino?
A: Club Arduino is an excuse for people to gather and exchange ideas about teaching and learning with the Arduino.

Club Arduino was founded to support and inspire Arduino enthusiasts at
all levels. We encourage beginners or the curious to bring their ideas,
questions, and problems. We encouraged the more advanced Arduino users
to share their knowledge, projects, problems, techniques, and solutions.

Q: What should participants bring?
A: If you have any: Arduino projects, documentation, research or proposals. You may also bring other projects that are related to micro-controllers, programming or sensors and actuators. Wishes, ideas, inspirations, fantasies, concepts, and dreams are all appropriate.

If it is a workshop meeting, please bring an Arduino board, let us know if you want to borrow one of ours, or purchase one at the meeting. Similarly, a laptop is necessary, but we can provide a few with advance notice. If you can install, or at least download, the Arduio IDE beforehand, that would be helpful. Thumbdrives with the Arduino IDE will be available at the meeting. The Arduino IDE is completely free and runs on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.

Curiosity and interest!

Q: Is there a fee?
A: Club Arduino is free, but snacks or drinks to share are welcomed!

Q: What are the requirements for Club Arduino membership?
A: None! If you are interested, or think you might be, you might already be a member.

Q: Who will be there?
A: Mostly people from our loose network of teachers and artists around the Bay Area who have an interest in interactive artworks and systems.

Q: I want to participate! How do I find out more information?
A1: Send us an email at: northp AT mac DOT com
A2: Send us an email at: michael AT michaelshiloh DOT com
A3: Join the ClubArduino mailing list!

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