This is my rendering of the spring connection based breakout board for the arduino which was conceived at the arduinoteachersSF meeting last Saturday.  While the consensus at the time was that it be dubbed ‘springBoard’, I have taken the name ‘trampolino’ for this first go at a prototype.  Please let me know what you think. Perhaps you are interested in trying this in your classes,  you want to help develop it further or, if you have any critique, I would love to get your perspective.

I built this on 1/4″ Masonite, ’cause that’s what I had.

It is ugly but round!

All pins are lead to springs from extension headers

Having half my tools at a job, I went caveman on this prototype and hew a disc from Masonite with a copping saw.  I cut every spring with a diameter near 3/16″ I could find in my parts bins into 1/2″ lengths and drilled 34 holes around the perimeter.

The breadboard is there, just in case.  My first draft had the springs coming from a PCB, but that seemed like overkill, both engineering wise and pedagogically.  I mean, if the point is to introduce things electronic, what better way than to show a thing made out of wood and wire.

All that is required to run blink is to jumper the led.

running blink

A pot controlling a servo.

No limit to shields

There is no barrier to using more shields.

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