Club Arduino at the ShipYard

ClubArduino, meeting03

Some of us will be gathering at the Shipyard to share and learn from
each other about Arduino related topics. Everyone is welcome.
The Agenda is very loose so if you have any specifics you want to advocate for or want to present to the group, please coordinate with our host, Michael at Michael Shiloh (one word) dot Com.

Sunday, November 22, 4-7pm

Location: The Shipyard, 1010 Murray Street, Berkeley, CA

Q: What is Club Arduino?
A: Club Arduino is an excuse for people to gather and exchange ideas about teaching and learning with the Arduino

Q: What should participants bring?
A: Bring your Arduino projects, documentation, research or proposals. You might also bring other projects that are related to micro-controllers, programming or sensors and actuators.

Q: Who will be there?
A: Mostly people from our loose network of teachers and artists around the Bay Area who have an interest in interactive artworks and systems.

Q: Will there be any snacks?
A: this one is a potluck, so bring what you like if you would like.

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