Join us for the first Arduino Teacher of San Francisco (area) gathering

Club Arduino is hosting us, and will provide antipasti and Campari. You are invited (but not required) to bring something you like to share.

2748 Grande Vista Ave
Oakland, CA 94601
Saturday, March 27th
6:00 PM

Possible topics for discussion include:

* Teaching Arduino
* classroom management for younger students (10-16)
* concepts kids understand vs adults
* managing teaching a classroom with differing experience levels
* good and bad lecture topics
* classroom setup
* Prerequisites for classes / describing classes
* class topics for intro class vs higher level classes
* where to find students for classes
* Max/MSP + Arduino
* PureData + Arduino: I’ve done this and if there is interest could try to reproduce this and write up some notes
* Fritzing: I’ve been playing with this and would love to see it gain much wider use. I’d be happy to give a little demo/tutorial

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  1. north says:

    It was wonderful meeting you all and having such a great conversation.
    I went ahead and made a version of the spring based electronics connection platform we discussed. Check it out:

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